Why do everyone play Fortnite?

Why Everyone Play Fortnite
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Since its launch in 2017 until today, the Epic Games video game has managed to reach amazing numbers of players around the world.

Just two weeks after being presented to the public had more than 10 million followers, currently the amount exceeds 40, becoming one of the most successful video games in history.

Fortnite is an action and construction game. Its Battle Royale version is the most popular and it is a competition in which one hundred players participate, with the last one remaining standing.

Players are thrown from an airplane to an island where they must collect different types of weapons to be able to deal with their opponents as well as materials to build places to hide and protect themselves from enemies.

When the game is over, the area where the players are is reduced so they must be closer and closer, which forces them to face the other competitors until finally only one is left alive.

Originally it was a survival game for four players that developed in a post-apocalyptic world. After the success obtained by PUBG, another video game where many more players faced each other at the same time in a bloody battle to survive, the creators of Fortnite decided to follow suit and launch a new version of the game that had a similar design.

This is how Fortnite Battle Royale was born, surpassing all expectations.

The favorite of the boys

Fortnite managed to reach out to all types of audiences but especially among children and young people. The reasons can be many, including the fact that it can be obtained for free, has a striking design, fun and even incorporates elements that bring a bit of humor.

The characters of the game can make a series of funny movements during the games and even one of the dances they do has crossed the border of the consoles and it is common to see it in the real world.

Although it is a shooting game, it does not have bloody elements, it is also found in an unrealistic environment that is not really threatening.

Like many other videogames, it allows the development of strategic planning capacity and favors teamwork. However, some people think that despite not presenting a totally explicit violence, is present in the game, which obviously can worry many parents.

Addicted to Fortnite

But beyond what refers to the violent aspects of the game, what is most striking is how addictive it is as well as the fact that every day increases the number of people who play around the world.

When we talk about addiction, no reference is made to the taste for the game, but to those cases in which, due to it, the rest of the daily activities are neglected and the behavior is affected.

Both children and young people and adults can suffer from this type of addiction, so it is necessary to establish certain controls especially in the case of the youngest.

There is nothing wrong with spending time entertaining with the video game, but when it is the only thing that you want to do, we are then in the presence of a problem.

What does Fortnite have that holds so much?

This is the question asked by most people who have not played it and that many of the fans themselves do not know how to answer clearly.

However, we will try to discover the mystery, reviewing some of its characteristics.

The game unfolds in a constantly changing world, that is, new features are added regularly, which generates great expectations for the players, who get clues about them but must continue playing in order to discover them.

It perfectly combines elements of construction games with those of action, which is why it is more entertaining.

The duration of the games is not very long, so far from getting tired or bored, players crave the next to demonstrate their abilities as well as to have the possibility to learn new tricks and put them into practice.

Another feature that keeps players engaged is the existence of levels. Upgrading represents a challenge for competitors who, in doing so, receive a reward.

You can play on-line what adds excitement to the games. On the other hand, these games are recorded with the possibility of publishing them later.

The high level of competitiveness that arises is without a doubt a reason for players to get hooked with the game.

If we add to all the above the fact that it can be obtained completely free of charge, we can give an idea of why it has managed to be one of the most successful games.

One of the latest Fortnite releases is an example of what the game developers do to keep their fans entertained and maintain their popularity.

In relation to the world premiere of the famous and long awaited film of the heroes of Marvel, Epic Games announced that in season 8 content of the film Advengers Endgame is included.

This is not the first time that the creators of Fortnite Hacks do something like this. In 2018, in a limited time event one of the players appeared as Thanos, being more powerful than the rest.

If this player was eliminated, the gauntlet was left on the ground and the powers were transferred to whoever picked it up.

These types of actions undoubtedly contribute to Fortnite having a large number of fans who remain committed to the game almost two years after its launch.

Far from losing popularity, is still on everyone’s lips and to be honest it is hard to imagine that in the near future that may happen.

Currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobile devices.

The world of videogames has captivated both adults and children since its inception, many have been created but few have managed to make history. Within this group, Fortnite is undoubtedly the most prominent, captivating millions of people of all ages worldwide.

Epic Games kept the audience in expectation for some years after announcing that it was working on a new video game. It was in July 2017 when the first version of Fortnite was released that they called Save the World.

This version of the game takes place in a post apocalyptic environment where survivors must fight against zombies born from terrible storms. Throughout the game you must complete a series of missions such as building fortresses and shields to protect yourself from attack by monsters and also restore normality to the planet.

Just a few months later, a second version of the game was presented causing a real stir in the community: Fortnite Batlle Royale.

It is the most popular and favorite version of many, with free access, available for different platforms and that has given its creators income of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The game begins with the landing of 100 competitors on an island where they must find weapons and materials to build shelters and protect themselves from enemies. As the game progresses, clashes become inevitable, with the last one standing standing winner.

Due to the style of play, its striking and friendly design, its picturesque characters and the quality of its graphics, it has captured millions of players who want to become a winner.

Doing so is not a simple matter, since the competition is very strong and is usually dominated by the most expert. This is why the use of Fortnite Hacks is for many an option to move forward in the game.

For some players, winning becomes a kind of obsession, either by fulfilling the goal they set for themselves or by achieving fame within the videogame community, which in one way or another can generate economic benefits.

Whatever the reason, everyone wants to win. There are players who spend much of their time practicing to improve their skills, while others prefer to take a shortcut and use the different Fortnite Hacks that exist.

When talking about Fortnite Hacks, reference is made to a series of tricks that allow game characters to perform actions that are very difficult to do and in some cases even impossible for a player even if he is an expert.

These tricks are developed by people outside the game who somehow manage to violate their code to modify it and make it possible to perform these actions. That is, these are applications that run at the same time as the game allowing you to gain an advantage over the rest of the competitors.

The issue of hacks is not something new or exclusive to Fortnite, on the contrary it is much more common than you might think, although many players do not recognize that at least once they have used it.

When a game manages to gain great popularity and the competition is strong, shortly after its launch, hackers achieve, with surprising speed, to alter the original program by modifying it at your convenience.

There are different types of tricks, since Fortnite is a shooting game, logically, special hacks have been created to achieve perfect marksmanship eliminating enemies without any effort, which is a clear advantage over the rest of the competitors.

In addition you can find other Fortnite Hacks very useful for the player, such as the vision through the walls or those that allow moving much faster.

As expected, the use of these tricks is the same as cheating, however, there are players who do not mind using it as long as they can have the opportunity to move forward and win.

It is something that is very badly seen within the community for obvious reasons, it also generates great losses to the creators, since within the great variety of Fortnite hacks that exist there are those with which you can acquire objects that would normally have to be paid .

In addition to this, when there are a large number of cheater players in a game, the competition is damaged and the competitors tend to lose interest, having no chance to win for their own abilities and be condemned to lose against the unfair advantage they have those who use hacks.

For this reason, the game is constantly updated, including different security systems capable of detecting the use of Fortnite Hacks which results in the blocking of the account either temporarily or permanently.

On the other hand, the players themselves become watchmen of the game, since some hacks are easy to detect by the character’s behavior. When you suspect that some participant is cheating, the others report it and if the suspicion is proven, it is suspended.

But it happens that despite the risk, there are not a few who use these tricks, since their only objective is to win whatever it is, regardless of the means they have to use. Although for some this is a bit far fetched, for others it becomes a kind of important challenge especially those who take their performance very seriously within the different videogame communities.

And it is not for less, since many of these outstanding players get to monetize their hobby and get very good income. Of course, if it is discovered that they have used some Fortnite Hacks to achieve their victories they are eliminated immediately from the tournaments and what is worse, they earn a very bad reputation losing the respect of the rest of the players.

Many justify the use of illegal tricks on the grounds that more experienced players do not give rookies who are eliminated quickly. This argument really lacks solidity, since with time and dedication any person can become an expert player.

Fortnite Aimbot

When they start playing Fortnite many realize that winning is not as easy as they thought, even when they have experience in other games of the same style. Being eliminated quickly is normal at first, it is no reason to be discouraged, much less to think about using tricks like Fortnite Aimbot to move forward and win.

Fortnite from the moment of its launch until today, has captured millions of players from all over the world. It exceeded the expectations even of its creators and without a doubt it keeps the players who yearn to win the victory.

We can say that there are two types of players, those who strive to play and spend a lot of time to gain experience and develop their skills and those who simply decide to pay to gain advantage over others using hacks, especially the famous and feared Fortnite Aimbot.

Clearly this is not fair, although many defend their position arguing that the use of certain hacks allows a balance in the competition and that otherwise the experts are always the ones who manage to win leaving the most novice with no chance.

While it is true, that beginners have a hard time moving forward, over time, with effort and dedication they manage to do so. Now, if you want to do it quickly and without working to get it, use these hacks.

Fortnite Aimbot is if you want the most lethal of the hacks and therefore the most damned, but also the most wanted by the cheats. With this trick a perfect aim is obtained, that is, no shot is missed, which is usually aimed directly at the head of the opponent.

It cannot be denied that it is quite tempting to make use of the Fortnite Aimbot especially for confrontations with strong competitors, however as it offers a great advantage it is also one of the easiest to detect not only by the game’s safety mechanisms but also by the other participants.

There are many signals that allow you to realize that this hack is being used. For those who are accustomed to playing Fortnite, these signals are so noticeable that they quickly realize. One of them is the path that the bullets follow, if it describes a curve it is an indication that the Fortnite Aimbot is active.

Another clear signal is the position of the player at the time of shooting, if he is on his back or looking away and his weapon is still pointing directly at an opponent, it is evident that he is using the hack.

Upon realizing this, players report quickly to the cheater, who runs the risk of being immediately suspended. But the suspension is not the only risk to which those who use these tricks are exposed, there is a much worse one that is related to the safety of your equipment.

Offers abound on the internet to get Fortnite Aimbot as well as other hacks, some are paid while others are free to access. The latter are usually misleading offers that not only do not do what they promise but may also contain viruses that in the worst case access the user’s personal data as passwords.

The desire of some players to win is so strong that they do not realize these risks and the negative consequences of using hacks.

To improve the performance in the game, it is not necessary to resort to the use of a Fortnite Aimbot, instead there are tricks that are perfectly valid that can be tested and that with time and practice good results are obtained.

For example, choosing the right weapon is essential, that is, one that can be handled comfortably even if it is not the most powerful. It is better to keep the weapon with which you have a good development while having more experience than with one of the most legendary that can not be manipulated.

Having grenades and rockets in the inventory is another secret that helps in the game. These have great destructive power and being used intelligently can cause great damage to the enemy as well as to the places where he takes refuge.

The landing is the key to starting Fortnite games on the right foot, so a good strategy is to be informed about updates and landing places where you can get good resources.

Tracking the objects left by enemies in their path may be the way to find them quickly and attack them by surprise without having time to react.

And last but not least, there is the issue of aim. To win without using Fortnite Aimbot you have to work hard to learn to shoot well, for this it is necessary to study from the basic movements to the most complex and of course practice.

Crouching to aim better, cover the left side and change the weapon according to the battle are other small tricks that can make a difference.

There are many hours that some players spend to improve and develop their skills so it is not fair that others take a clear advantage of using hacks.

We have seen just a few examples of the legal tricks that can be used, as there are many more that are even shared by expert players in video tutorials and guides to contribute to the community and make the competition something truly interesting.

The use of Fortnite Aimbot and other hacks unquestionably detracts from the game, in fact it has ruined international tournaments. Although some players use them only on a few occasions or in games with friends, others use them to take advantage in large competitions, although they are usually discovered quickly but they also damage it.

So it is best to think twice before playing with hacks, although it requires much more effort and many games are lost, without a doubt the satisfaction is greater.

Fortnite Cheats

The hacks, cheats or tricks of Fortnite despite being a condemned resource that involves the suspension of the account, the contamination of the equipment and even the possible suspension of large tournaments are more used than is believed.

As we have already said, if the use of Fortnite Cheats extends in an uncontrolled way in the game, the safest thing is that many leave the competition and do not feel interested in participating since they will always lose because it is practically impossible to beat who uses the tricks.

On the other hand, the losses caused by the Fortnite Cheats to the creators of the game can reach really important figures. Although it is a free distribution game, it is possible to exchange real money for Turkeys (game currency) to get the so-called Battle Passes, with which you can level up and get cosmetics, outfits, gestures or dances, as well how to buy other resources of aesthetic value.

According to analyzes carried out by different pollsters, seven out of ten players invest real money to improve their characters, some even invest more than the cost of a video game on average.

Within a few months of its launch, Fortnite Battle Royale generated higher profits than any other videogame has achieved since this industry was born. Although it has been in the market for a few years, far from going out of fashion, it is constantly increasing, increasing its earnings and followers figures.

During the first half of 2019, it was placed as the video game that generates more money on consoles thanks to the purchases made within the game itself.

However, with the use of Fortnite Cheats players do not have to invest to get some items, which obviously affects the winnings and on the other hand there is a risk of losing players for the reasons that have been mentioned.

According to this, it is not surprising that video game designers take control of the Fortnite Cheats very seriously and constantly improve their detection mechanisms.

In addition to this, Epic Games remains very attentive to find cheater players who even use social networks to promote the use of these tricks, teach how to do it and also leave links to the sites where they can be obtained.

There are few banned accounts, including those of professional and recognized players in this community. Such was the case of the CrownWins streamer, who a few months ago joined the long list of players suspended for the use of Fortnite Cheats, in his case an Aimbot. The alarms went on when the player was in a battle against another competitor and when a second competitor appeared in his field of vision, he changed his objective very quickly, eliminated him and returned to take the position he had initially.

After a series of perfect shots to both the first and second opponents, it was expected that this precise play and the rapid and accurate change of the target would be investigated a bit. As a consequence, the account was banned and exposed to the harsh reprisals that are being imposed when the use of Fortnite Cheats is detected or suspected.

A more recent case is that of player JonnyK, a member of Team Kaliber, who was ironically betrayed by a Fortnite Cheats salesman whom he contacted to get a hack that would allow him to have more vision and location on the island during the Fortnite Worlds Cup qualifiers, because the aim would have no problem. The player was exposed in a video that uploaded the aforementioned seller, which caused a stir in the community. Before the tests, the player was expelled from the team.

Another example of the damage that the Fortnite Cheats can cause was what happened in the Winter Royale tournament where the professional professional player Turner “Tfue” Tenney was out of the rankings when he was eliminated by a participant who was using a hack.

The aforementioned tournament was held online in North America and Europe, with a qualifying stage and a final. The winner would get nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars in prizes, which logically increased interest in the competition.

Unfortunately the tournament was marred by the surprise elimination of Tfue, who analyzed the plays of his competitor, concluding that he used Fortnite Cheats, most likely an Aimbot judging by the accuracy of all his shots.

Although the complaint was made before Epic Games, the damage was already done, the tournament was questioned and finally far from being the expected success, term being a great disappointment for many.

In addition to these cases there are many others, which undoubtedly discredit the game for more efforts made by the company to fight against hackers. The solution is really in the hands of the players themselves that if they cheated, the video game tricks would cease to be profitable for hackers so they would not spend time or effort to develop them.

But this seems to be something impossible, since there are always the players who without any ethics or shame want to win and do not mind using anything to do it, without realizing that they are not finally getting any victory, because winning Cheating is the same as not doing it.

The fight against the Fortnite Cheats every day is stronger, but Epic Games does not intend to give up. Fortnite is its largest and most valuable creation so far, so it has no intention of leaving it to third parties in the hands.

It also has great allies: honest players who are eliminated by cheats even when they are better players than they are. That is why they remain in constant vigilance to report to those who use hacks and get a healthier and fair environment within the competition.

Fortnite Hack

Much has been said about the use of any Fortnite Hack, we know that they are alterations of the original code of the game that allows extraordinary actions to be carried out without any effort and an effectiveness of one hundred percent.

We also know that a Fortnite Hack puts a clear advantage on who uses it over the rest of the competitors and that its use is penalized with the suspension of the account either temporarily or permanently.

On the other hand, trying to get one of these tricks runs the risk of being a victim of viruses that can even obtain sensitive information such as personal data, passwords, etc…, so that the user can suffer some type of fraud.

Now, let’s see what a Fortnite Hack does, because it is created, what types exist, where it can be achieved and why it is so sought despite how risky and how bad it is.

As it is easy to suppose a Fortnite Hack is created by a programmer or a group of programmers who are alien to the game and who modify their original code to ensure that certain actions can be performed according to what they want.

The reasons why it is created can be many but basically it is about getting economic benefits through the sale of these tricks to players who want to gain advantage over others.

On the other hand, it is known that to improve the characters and get Battle Passes a certain amount of Turkeys is required, the virtual currency of the game. To get enough of this virtual money together, an average player requires many hours of play, however you can get it more easily and quickly if you exchange it for real money. Taking advantage of this need, many use a Fortnite Hack to take advantage, gather money within the game faster and finally exchange it for real money.

A Fortnite Hack can perform different actions depending on the type that is, this is how you can get a perfect aim or see through the walls.

Many are the tricks that can be used in Fortnite, within them is the Aimbot, one of the most sought after and feared, since it allows you to control the shots and hit the target every time you shoot. Undoubtedly, it is the hack that deals more damage to the enemy and turns the person who uses it into a practically invincible player.

This type of hack can be configured so that all shots go straight to the head ensuring the elimination of the opponent. However, this advantage is usually the cause for which it is easily discovered, so many recommend that it not only be pointed at the head and that it be activated and deactivated throughout the games to simulate a more natural behavior

Even so, it is one of the Fortnite Hack that is most easily detected by the game’s security systems despite the fact that hackers promise otherwise and constantly update them, practically at the same time as Fortnite.

Facing a player who uses this trick represents a safe elimination, unless you have extraordinary abilities to move quickly, quickly and quickly take refuge.

Another Fortnite Hack that is quite useful is unlimited ammunition. It is a simple but practical and difficult to detect trick. Always having bullets and not having to waste time reloading the weapon, is obviously something very beneficial when it comes to combat.

In order to accumulate coins and achieve some improvements as well as useful objects, it is well known that it is necessary to perform different challenges, this may take some time.

There are many players who do not have patience and want to get everything fast, they usually look for the Fortnite Hack known as a coin generator to save time and effort. This type of tricks is relatively easy to get on the net, even some do not even need to be downloaded since they can be used online.

You can not fail to mention another of the most famous and sought after Fortnite Hack; the Wallhack with which you can observe through walls and speedhack, to accelerate the movements of the characters.

On the tricks for Fortnite it is worth saying that there is a version for practically all the platforms for which the game is available. This is how, if you have a PC, a PS4, an XBOX or a mobile device, you will most likely find the appropriate hack for the platform used to play.

Getting a Fortnite Hack is not complicated since there are plenty of offers of all kinds on the net, some offer a free period, after which a subscription must be paid, while others are offered free of charge.

Some, especially the latter, do not usually work as they promise and in reality they are of no use other than to be the gateway to viruses or advertising, not to mention the risk of banning and the loss of everything that has been achieved so far.

Although it is something that is penalized and for which you can even receive a lawsuit, there are many videos that can be found on the internet where it is explained in detail how to use the different hacks and even leave a link to download it.

These videos do not usually last for a long time since they are eliminated quickly, however there are many players who manage to get hold of these hacks, as well as those who want to cheat end up being victims of viruses that can damage their computer and steal information.


The impact that Fortnite has had since its launch until today has been enormous, exceeding even the expectations of its own creators. The numbers of players around the world are impressive. It is clear that it was not just the boom of the moment or something that was fashionable and happened since it continues to be maintained and continues to attract more people every day.

To get an idea of what Fortnite has represented in the world of video games, it is enough to say that just fifteen days after being presented to the public, it had more than 10 million followers, nowadays it exceeds 40, being one of the most successful video games in all history.

Fortnite managed to conquer all types of audiences especially children and young people for many reasons, including free access, a fun and striking design that incorporates elements with a touch of humor as well as picturesque characters who perform funny movements and particular dances that have even become very popular beyond the video game.

Another point in favor of Fortnite is that despite being a combat and shooting game, there are no bloody or excessively violent elements in it, which adds to an unrealistic environment that is not threatening.

Like many other video games, the use of certain skills, including planning skills and teamwork, is required to move forward and win.

While it is true that it does not present violence as explicit as other games, it cannot be denied that it is somehow present due to the simple fact that it is a shooting game where 99 participants must be killed to win.

This is a cause for concern for many parents, in addition to the fact that it seems to generate a kind of addiction especially in the youngest, being the cause of neglect of daily activities, problems with school performance and even confrontations with peers because of a defeat in the game

Without a doubt, children and adolescents are the most affected by this addiction, although it should be noted that some adults have also fallen victim to it. You have to know how to differentiate between having a fun time playing and when it is starting to become a real problem.

 The game is designed for over 12 years, however many children between 8 and 9 years play it uncontrollably to the point of suffering an addiction. This is where parents should intervene and take action on the matter. For many it is more comfortable to let the little one entertain hours and hours playing Fortnite without taking into account that everything in excess is bad and the damage that can cause the child to devote so much time to that activity.

A few months ago he learned about the case of a British girl of only 9 years who played Fortnite for about ten hours straight and had to receive medical help.

It is not about separating children from the world where they live but setting limits. According to Dr. Leonard Sax, family doctor and psychologist in the State of Pennsylvania, the time children can spend in video games without negatively affecting their school performance or their relationships with the real world is six hours. a week.

Most likely, the majority far exceeds this recommendation made by Dr. Sax and in some way or another is being affected by addiction to the game, which in itself is not bad, the problem occurs when the wrong way is handled. Use of technology in relation to children.

Many wonder what Fortnite has that catches so much, the truth is that not even the players themselves can give a really convincing answer. Some assume that the fact of being able to compete with other people in real time and not with a machine brings a touch of extra emotion coupled with the fact that winning requires time, effort and demonstrating great skills as a player, which becomes a whole challenge that many want to achieve.

Fortnite has several features that contribute to making it a favorite of many. One of them is that it develops in an environment to which new elements are constantly added, which generates expectations in the players and adds emotion to each game.

On the other hand, it is a perfect combination of an action game with a construction game, which makes it even more entertaining. The games are not usually very long, so they are not heavy or boring.

Another feature that keeps players trapped is the existence of levels. Each time a level is raised, it is an achievement for competitors who, when they do, receive a reward.

The high level of competitiveness is another reason why Fortnite continues to attract more and more players worldwide, to which is added that constantly updated and incorporate new elements that are in fashion as it happens with season 8, which includes details of the Marvel superheroes.

Actions like this also contribute to Fortnite having a large number of fans who remain faithful to the game after almost two years of its launch.

Let’s not mention that another attraction of Fortnite is that it is available for different platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobile devices.

Being among the elite of Fortnite players for many is a challenge, which they want to meet at all costs. Being the winner of the game is not an easy thing and perhaps that’s why it is so exciting to try to get it.

It takes a lot of practice, developing in-game skills, learning planning tactics, working in teams and knowing how to use each resource very well to defeat the enemy.


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